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On the corner of Jones & Flamingo
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We are proud to be licensed by Clark County to legally buy jewelry from the general public. Since 1971, The Original Nevada Coin Mart™ is the new, we have transitioned into the modern technology age combined with the highest possible cash offerings and the best customer service.

Reasons to sell your items:
College tuition  -   Vacation money  -   Estate settlements  -   Buying a house, condo, or car  -   Remodeling the kitchen or bathroom  -   Divorces, annulments, & broken engagements  -   Credit card debt, insurance premium payments  -   Medical costs, mortgage payments, legal expenses  -   It's easier to divide money between the children than jewelry  -   Broken, incomplete, chipped, crushed, melted, chewed, bent, loose, etc.  -   Don't use it, don't like it, wrong color, out of style

Las Vegas Buyers

Paying Top Dollar For: 10kt,12kt,14k,16k,18k,22k, 24k
Broken rings - unmatched earrings - out of style pendants - knotted or kinked chains - Gold Chains - Gold Bracelets - Gold Earrings - Gold Necklaces - Gold Coin - Gold Pins - Gold Broches - Dental Gold - Fine Jewelry - Bent/Broken Jewelry - Class Rings - Items with missing stones - Gold Coins - Gold Pins/Broches - Fine Jewelry - Bent/Broken Jewelry - Class Rings - Items with missing stones - Scrap Gold Wanted - Broken Gold - Scrap Gold - Fine Gold - Finished Gold - Karat gold jewelry - Gold class rings - Gold bracelets - Gold chain - Gold earrings - Gold Watch bands - Gold dental crowns - gold Bridgework - Gold coins and bars - Gold ingots - Melted gold - Gold wire - Gold sheets - gold Casting - gold grain - Gold watches - Broken gold - unwanted gold - Gold Scrap - Gold nuggets - Gold Solder - Gold sizing stock - Gold alloys - Gold bullion


Silver Dollar Prices Cash For Coins - Sell silver coins carefully from the era of 1916 and until mind 1940, they contain a mixture of rare and common. Check all for date, mintmark and condition. It is among these you find some nice valuable coins. Note, the Standing Liberty Quarter minted 1916-1930 is today quickly breaking away from its base silver price, with most valued higher. Mint Marks Las Vegas Coin Buyers - Morgan Dollars produced at five different mints: Philadelphia (no mint mark), Carson City Nevada (CC), New Orleans (O), Denver (D) and San Francisco (S). Coins were produced at all mints in all years. As illustrated in the picture below, the mint mark is located on the reverse of the coin, just below the bow in the wreath.


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Gold buyer & Diamonds Buyers & Sell Jewelry - Sell Your Gold in Las Vegas for Cash - All Silver Coins, We Buy Gold, jewelry, bullion, diamonds, gold, silver, silverware, coins, and silver jewelry. We Pay You Cash Highest prices around for silver, gold coins, diamonds and more. For Gold Jewelry broken or not. Cash for Gold and Silver Las Vegas, Jewelry to sell Las Vegas, Gold to cash Las Vegas, Money for gold Las Vegas, We Buy Gold Jewelry To sell gold jewelry for the highest price, bring as much gold jewelry as you can at one time to take advantage of volume pricing.Yellow and white are the most common gold colors. Gold can also be found in rose gold (pinkish color) or green. Most gold jewelry is stamped with a karat level such as: 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k or 24k. What Do The Stampings on My Jewelry Mean? Stamping: .917 means 22K, .585 means 14K, .417 means 10K, .375 means 9K, .333 means 8K, 950 PT means Platinum, 925 means Sterling Silver


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We buy platinum jewelry platinum wire and platinum coins - Platinum Coins - Platinum flake - Platinum foil - Platinum bars - Platinum ingots - Platinum Rings - Platinum Earrings - Platinum settings - Platinum Wire Platinum is a white color similar to that of white gold. Platinum jewelry will be stamped Plat 950, 950, PT 950, Platinum, PLAT, 5% Irid. - Plat, 10% Irid .- Plat, or Iridium Platinum. If you are not sure whether your jewelry is platinum or white gold, don·t worry. As we said, EVERY item gets tested to determine the correct metal content and we will pay you cash! Authentic Silver pieces will be stamped Sterling, Sterl., 925, 950, 965, 999, 999 Fine, or Fine Silver. We Buy Sterling Silver Sliver Cutlery - Sliver Flatware - Sliver Jewelry - All Sliver Coins Damaged or Not
We will test everything for free even diamonds right in front of you. We Buy Gold Clark County , Gold Buyers Boulder City, We Buy Gold Henderson , We Buy Gold North Las Vegas, We Buy Gold Enterprise, We Buy Gold Mt. Charleston ,We Buy Gold Paradise, We Buy Gold Spring Valley , We Buy Gold Summerlin, We Buy Gold Sunrise Manor, We Buy Gold Whitney, We Buy Gold Winchester, We Buy Gold Boulder City ,We Buy Gold Henderson, We Buy Gold Las Vegas

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Las Vegas Silver Buyers - As the world economy grows, the demand on silver increases and the current market price makes it a potentially good prospect for investors. Silver has so many uses as it is a very bright white metal and it an excellent conductor of electricity. Silver has been used in almost every civilization to create jewelry, adorn clothing and weaponry, to make tools, and in the manufacturing of technology. We love silver and it is not just the other white metal. We process hundreds of thousands of dollars of scrap silver every year at Silver We Buy: Scrap Silver - Broken Silver - Sterling Silver Jewelry - .999 Fine Silver Bullion - Silver Coins - Silver Forks - Silver Spoons - Silver Knives - Silver Flatware - Silver Tea Sets - Silver Trays - Silver Cups - Silver Bowls - Silver Servingware. Sterling Silver Jewelry - Most commonly used in jewellery and ornamental goods, karat gold is an alloy that consists largely of gold, but contains other metals such as copper, silver, nickel and zinc. The alloy is created to achieve certain factors such as durability, color, cost, and malleability. In the karat system, there are 24 parts of metal. Therefore, 24 karat or 24K represents pure gold that is .9999 fine. To determine the purity of a particular gold karat, simply divide it's karat number by 24, the result is the percentage of gold contained in the alloy. For example, 18 divided by 24 equals .75 or .750. Therefore, 18 Karat Gold contains 75% Gold. Silver Flatware & Servingware - From silver trays, to even silver clocks and desk accessories, to the most rare and sought after tea sets, to complete flatware sets or any parts of, we want to buy as much silver as we can and no one will offer you as much cash for silver as we do.
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